Webster’s dictionary defines ‘prophecy’ as “a statement that something will happen in the future” or “the power or ability to know what will happen in the future”. In the Aegis League series, the prophecy is part of the ancient scriptures of an advanced civilization that mostly perished two-and-a-half millennium ago. A handful of survivors carry the prophecy to a new land where they share it and become one with the local inhabitants. This mysterious, hybrid race retreats to a secluded forest and dwells in a hidden valley for years to come.

I created the prophecy as a key element for the events that unfold in the series, and I intend to reveal one verse through each book. It begins with a small aircraft with its wings on fire as observed by these mysterious people. This is followed by the arrival of five teenagers who are brought to the valley by enigmatic inhabitants of the forest, known to the people of the valley as the Guardians. I wrote the first two lines of the prophecy to foreshadow these events: “From the flames of Cerraco, five will arise / Saplings of Aegis, the bearers of light”. However, I also wanted to go beyond foreshadowing and provide some signs that would help the people of the village (specifically the Elders) determine if the five are indeed the ones from the prophecy:“Gaze upon them for portals that decipher / Shades of Earth, Sky, River, Mist and Fire.”

The verses of prophecy also contain elements from both the advanced civilization and the Native American heritage. For example, “Saplings of Aegis” is a juxtaposition of the nature-based expression of the Native people (‘Saplings’) and the ancient civilization from a distant place (‘Aegis’). The same thing goes for the last two lines of the first verse, where ‘portals’ is used in conjunction with ‘Earth, Sky, River, Mist and Fire’.Aegis-Five-in-Globe

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